Modified Condition/Decision Coverage software testing criterion

This document contains pointers to on-line information on MC/DC software testing criterion.
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  38. AdaTEST

  39. ATTOL Coverage

  40. BEACON Tester

  41. Cantata++

  42. CodeTEST
  43. CTC++

  44. C++Test

  45. DACS-Object Coverage tools
  46. G-COVER Object Code Analyzer

  47. LDRA Testbed
  48. Logiscope TestChecker

  49. Rational TestMate

  50. Rational Test RealTime

  51. Simulink Performance Tools 1.1.1

  52. VectorCAST/Cover



  54. MCDC Standard Effort - IEEE P1506, (May 1998)

  55. MCDC, a FAA Interactive Video Teletraining Course

  56. Alexander Theel's page, (Germ., 1998)

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