• Re-conceptualizing business process models as sequences of goals to be
    achieved, as opposed to tasks to be performed, can radically transform
    business process management. A new paper reporting this novel
    conception of goal orchestrations (by Metta Santiputri, Aditya Ghose
    and Hoa Dam from the DSL, as well as Suman Roy from Infosys Labs) has
    been accepted at the 36th International Conference on Conceptual
    Modelling (ER-2017), the premier publication venue in this space
    (acceptance rate: 18%).
  • DSL’s Aditya Ghose delivered an invited talk at the 10th International
    iStar Workshop in Essen, Germany on June 12th, focusing on scaling up
    model acquisition using data analytics.
  • Predicting delivery capability in iterative software development can
    make a major difference to how software projects are costed and
    managed. A recent paper by DSL researchers Morakot Choetkiertikul, Hoa
    Dam and Aditya Ghose (together with colleagues from Deakin University)
    in the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (Scimago
    Q1) shows how such predictions can be effectively computed using
    cutting-edge data analytics/machine learning techniques.
  • Business processes need to be executed in dynamic settings which can
    impede successful execution in unpredictable ways. DSL researchers
    Yingzhi Gou, Aditya Ghose and Hoa Dam have developed a new technique
    for supporting robust business process execution using game-tree
    search (inspired in part by Google’s AlphaGo system). A paper
    reporting these results will appear in the CAISE-17 – a premier
    conference in this space (with acceptance rates between 13 – 21%).
  • DSL members Muhammad Asjad Khan and Joel Kocherry served as Organizing
    Chairs of the Service Science Society of Australia Annual Service
    Innovation Award event held at the Hilton on George St., Sydney, on
    Nov. 8th, 2016. The Chief Guest was the CEO of Service NSW.
  • A novel framework that leverages both data analytics and abduction to
    mine business process task post-conditions was reported by DSL authors
    Metta Santiputri, Aditya Ghose and Hoa Dam in a paper recently
    accepted by the prestigious Data and Knowledge Engineering Journal
    (Scimago Q1).