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What is SOPOSE?

SOPOSE is an international workshop series. We are dedicated to building a community of researchers and practitioners interested in issues surrounding the relationship between service and process oriented approaches to software engineering.


Workshop Theme

Please visit SOPOSE'09 and The SOPOSE Forum.

It is now widely recognized that service-oriented computing will be the dominant computing paradigm for at least the next decade.

Businesses are also increasingly committing to a process-oriented approach in Business Process Management (BPM), which requires careful modelling, documentation and management, as well as continual improvement of, business processes.

The software engineering questions relating to service-oriented systems, as well as those relating to process-oriented systems have not been adequately explored. Of prime interest is the interplay between the service-oriented perspective on delivering software, and the BPM approach to looking at business processes.

We are witnessing a confluence of the service-oriented and process-oriented approaches, as key elements of business processes get executed by external (and often remote) services. The software engineering questions relating to such integrated process- and service-oriented need to fulfil the promise of making the software development process flexible, agile, and understandable for business people.

There is a plethora of research issues on how such systems might be modelled, designed, implemented and how their lifecycles might be managed. The SOPOSE workshop series seeks to systematize our understanding of these issues, and build a community of like-minded researchers and practitioners willing to collaborate on these issues.